• Kenny Libben posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    @cheriecook Not sure if it was you or a colleague of yours I spoke to in Kansas City last year, but discussed regional groups that were working through StEPs together.

    Was wondering if you had any advice on starting one, or how to organize it? We’re hoping to invite surrounding museums to join us…though I’m not sure how many are AASLH members yet. Is there a member list available to the public?

    • You ask an excellent question, Kenny! During the pilot phase of StEPs, we learned that it’s often the case that organizations like to work within a group on a program like StEPs for several reasons including the opportunity to learn from others who share similar concerns and issues, and having an accountability component that helps participating organizations continue moving forward.

      Making sure you have one or two leaders who are committed to keeping the group going is probably the key piece of advice I would offer.

      We have seen a variety of ways groups are organized. Some are highly structured while others are more informal. If you are looking for funding, there are StEPs groups funded by state humanities councils, community foundations, state historical societies (e.g., Ohio History Connection working with Americorps), and large history museums like the Missouri Museum of History.

      You’ll find a list of StEPs groups and other ways the program is being used across the country in this document:

      Kenny, if you are going to be in Philadelphia for the 2019 AASLH Annual Meeting, be sure to sign up for the StEPs MeetUP on Friday morning where we’ll discuss best practices for using StEPs, including in groups.

      And, if there’s anything AASLH can do to help you or others start a StEPs group, please contact me.

      Does anyone else have recommendations for Kenny?


      Cherie Cook
      Sr. Program Manager
      (573) 893-5164

      • Great, thanks for all the information Cherie!

        We’re currently finishing up all of our basic indicators, once those are approved we may reach out to the other organizations in our area and invite them to join us.

        Does AASLH have any sort of brochures or pamphlets regarding StEPs that could be provided to send in invitations, or should we just print out a summary from the website?

        Thanks again!

        • I have a flyer that I can send you.

          • Wonderful, that’d be great! We plan on inviting about 10 other historical societies–if needed though I can just make copies of the flyer and send those.

            Do you need my contact info, or I’m assuming you have it on file?

      • Also, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the Annual Meeting this year as I’m heading to the International Council of Museums general conference which is at the same time. Philadelphia sounds fun though, so sad I can’t make it!

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